Blast and ballistic


Dual protection
construction system

BBX is a construction system which provides dual protection against blast and ballistic threat, uniquely achieving C15 blast resistance and BR7 ballistic resistance.

Over 150 years, Tarmac has built a diverse range of services for the UK construction sector crossing many different sectors and applications. We don’t just supply materials - we help to build the homes we live in; the schools our children learn in; and we’re proud to offer solutions that can keep buildings, and the people within them, safe.

Despite its unique capabilities, BBX is installed using normal construction methods and tools, ensuring that maximum security and protection is provided along with optimal installation and cost efficiencies

  • C15 blast protection category
  • BR7 ballistic protection category
  • BBX prevent projectile penetration and spalling
  • Meets home office standards
  • Single solution to terrorist threat
  • Can be constructed using standard blockwork detailing
  • Uses normal tools and techniques
  • Fast, economical construction using thin joint technology

* Test conditions were set to higher load criteria than those required by CPNI

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BBX is suitable for use in all sectors where this type of protection is required

Transport and infrastructure


Police and

Health and

Banking and

Government and
civic buildings

Nuclear, gas,
oil and energy

“BBX is able to compete with heavier blocks whilst providing comparable levels of protection.”

According to the technical report produced by TPS


BBX can be tailored to meet wide-ranging client specifications. Its composition and properties allow it to absorb large amounts of energy and to flex under force, dissipating energy through the product. Its elastic properties mean it recoils to its original shape following impact without fracture or failure.


Protection of people and critical assets is at the heart of the BBX philosophy. Its innovative design allows for superior protection in a thinner, lighter material than traditional concrete. BBX prevents ballistic penetration by holding the shell within itself and reduces spalling injuries caused by blast shock waves, while maintaining its structural integrity.

Sustainability - Our BBX block is a sustainable product made of 25 - 35% recycled material.