Product data - blocks

BBX has very high performance against ballistic threat and blast overpressure due to a unique composition that provides a high tensile capacity.


BBX blocks are similar to concrete blocks, composed of cement and fine aggregates, but include bespoke materials instead of stone aggregate as part of the mix. This material provides the block with substantial tensile capacity and vastly increased shear modulus, allowing the product to flex under force and dissipate the energy of a bullet and blast overpressure and preventing internal spalling.

Due to its elastic properties, BBX can return to its original shape and preserve its structural integrity.

When compared to reinforced concrete and other equivalent blast and ballistic related materials, BBX blocks are lightweight, can be lifted into position by hand and laid traditionally and quickly.

Once installed, they are durable and require no maintenance.

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Excellent technical performance In addition to their unique blast and ballistic performance, BBX blocks perform well as a ‘normal’ building material.

  • BBX blocks have a medium thermal conductivity which aids compliance with Part L Thermal Standards.
  • With 25% recycled content,the environmental performance of BBX can help to achieve compliance with the Building Regulations, including ratings in accordance with the Green Guide to Specification.

Loadbearing capacity

  • BBX blocks are extremely durable and robust and have excellent loadbearing properties.
  • Compressive strengths of >7.3N/mm2 cover virtually all structural needs and meet Category 1 manufacturing control requirements of BS EN 5628:1.
  • Relative ease of handling will assist contractors and specifiers in meeting the obligations of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations.


Working characteristics

  • BBX blocks have good working characteristics. They are straightforward to install following conventional block laying practice using thin joint mortar.
  • BBX blocks provide a strong background for the application of render and dry finishes as well as a good substrate into which to secure fixings.


Standard grade blocks are light to dark grey and have a close textured surface suitable for plastering and rendering. The colour and texture may differ according to factory of origin.

Fire rating

BBX demonstrates fire resistance of 132min/100mm without failure. The test took place at Cambridge Fire research in accordance with BS EN 1364-1: 2015.